Tips for keeping the bathroom smelling and looking fresh

If you think of the bathroom as your spa place, you inevitably spend some enjoyable time there. Undoubtedly, the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms of your home, since everyone goes there a few times a day. All that activity is undoubtedly taking a toll on the place, introducing various problems – from stains to unpleasant odours. To stay on top of this chore, you best invest some time and effort. 

In this guide, we will cover a few essential bases to keep the bathroom smelling and looking fresh at all times. 

Let’s start with some cleaning tips 

Tips For Keeping The Bathroom Smelling And Looking Fresh

  • Make sure to clean the bathroom regularly. No measure to keep it fresh will ever be successful if you don’t stay on top of your cleaning duties. You have to do a full clean once a week, with some routine cleaning tasks in between. Reserve a day of the month for a thorough deep clean and stick to this schedule to keep the bathroom fresh. 
  • Get a squeegee and a sponge to wipe the shower walls after each use. This is important because it reduces moisture in the room, and it removes the water before it dries up to form hard water deposits. 
  • Pay special attention to the toilet brush, as it is one of the grimiest items in your household. Sanitise it with a little bleach now and then. 
  • You can wash your shower curtains in the washing machine. The way to do this is by placing a few towels along, to act as scrubbers. This ought to do the trick. 
  • Clean the bathroom after you have taken a shower, preferably a hot steamy one. The reason is simple: steam can really soften the gunk that is on the tile and bathroom amenities. You can then apply your bathroom cleaner and let it mingle with the steam a little, before doing a full clean of the area. You will find the task to be easier than usual. 
  • Cleaning grout is somewhat tricky if you don’t know what to do. However, remember that baking soda is your best friend. What you need is to mix some of it with water, to form a paste. Use a toothbrush to apply it on the grout lines and do a little scrubbing. This solution works wonders on grout lines in the bathroom and your kitchen backsplash as well. 

A few tips to refresh the area quickly 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

  • If there is a window in the bathroom, keep it open to improve ventilation. If not, then make sure to leave the door open. This is especially important when you take a shower, as it removes a large part of the moisture inside. 
  • Slice a few lemons in half and place them on a plate inside. Sometimes even the peels of citrus fruits work to refresh the air inside the room for a quick fix. 
  • Deal with the drain. If the drain is stinky, you should add baking soda and vinegar, followed by hot water. This will not only remove unpleasant smells but also unclog it. 

Remember, the bathroom won’t stay clean for long, even if you are careful and not make a mess in there. The truth is that with the traffic this place sees, it is bound to require constant maintenance. So always remove any stains and messes, before they have become more troublesome. Doing so will ensure that the place stays clean and fresh at all times! 

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