Get a head start on spring cleaning in 5 steps

Get A Head Start On Spring Cleaning In 5 StepsThe time has come to start preparing for your annual spring cleaning session. It might be too early for the cleaning itself, but a bit of preparation can only help – it will make your spring cleaning sessions quicker, shorter and easier to handle! And the sooner you get around to making said preparations, the better! In this article, you will find 5 ways to streamline your spring cleaning experience that you can start working on immediately.

Make a commitment

Some would say, make a schedule or a checklist. And they wouldn’t be wrong – you can call it whatever you like. Just pick some form of writing down the various tasks that you plan on undertaking during your spring cleaning session and commit to it. Make sure that it’s kept safe and visible so that you can consult with it at any point in time.

The thing about planning a season ahead for such events is that anything can happen meanwhile – unexpected events, meetings, get-togethers and surprises can, and probably will happen. Nevertheless, having everything written down will allow you to rearrange your schedule and stay on the right track easily.

Make a playlist

If you aren’t used to cleaning while listening to music, you absolutely need to give it a shot! Not only will listening to your favourite songs help keep your spirits high, but working along with the rhythm can do wonders for your productivity! The weeks before spring present you with the perfect opportunity to create your ultimate cleaning playlist – you’ve got plenty of time to go through all the bands that you like and take your pick!

Do an inventory check

Not only is doing a cleaning inventory check recommended, but it’s also almost crucial! Always having a good idea of what you’ve got in your home will allow you to get more out of sales and limited time offers all the while ensuring that you never start a cleaning session unprepared. And that’s very important. When it’s time for cleaning, you want to be able to focus solely on the process itself. Any additional errands will just slow everything down.

As an added benefit, stocking up on cleaning supplies before the actual coming of spring might allow you to snatch some products at a lower than usual cost.

Spring Cleaning TipsTake a look outside

After the long winter finally comes to its end, many homes end up needing repairs. You can prepare for that beforehand, by dedicating a relatively warmer weekend afternoon to a quick inspection. Just take a walk around your house and try your best to check every possible nook and cranny. You might find that your home could use some repainting, repairs or even renovations, all of which are best done in the warmer seasons to come!

Go through your items

While this might be harder to do for some, decluttering should most certainly be a part of your spring cleaning routine. Actually, it should even be a part of your regular cleaning routine. If you find that you’ve got an afternoon to spare before the coming of spring, go through your wardrobes, closets and storage sheds. Any item, which you haven’t used more than once over the last six months needs to go. And if you find that you still have items that you haven’t touched in years, maybe it’s time for a garage sale or a donation! Reducing the overall clutter in your home will not only make everything easier to find, but it will also shorten your cleaning sessions!

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