8 cleaning tips you will fall in love with

The cleaning world is full of wonderful recommendations on how to turn this otherwise tedious job into a more manageable one. If you have always wanted to improve your knowledge of effective cleaning methods, then now is the right time. Following are many cleaning tips you will want to use immediately for best results: 

  • 8 Cleaning Tips You Will Fall In Love WithWet a rubber glove to remove pet hair – life with pets can be fun in general, but not so much when you need to clean pet hair. To deal with this chore quickly and effectively, you should use a wet rubber glove. Simply run your hand in the glove over the place with the pet hair and see it all gone. Works wonders for furniture items, clothes and floors. 
  • Use your tights to vacuum in drawers – if you have always wanted to run the vacuum cleaner in a drawer or two, but feared that it would just ruin your clothes, then you need to start using tights. Simply use the foot of a pair of tights over the nozzle and hoover wherever you want. That way it will not suction in socks, clothing parts and small items and you can easily use it in any drawer. 
  • Clean the microwave without any chemicals – to address a messy microwave; you need only resort to lemons. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze it into a bowl and throw in the lemon parts as well. Microwave it for about 5 minutes on the highest setting. Let it sit to steam the interior for a while after the timer is up. Then, get to wiping the interior. You will find the job to be much easier than before. 
  • Reuse your kitchen sponges – kitchen sponges accumulate quite a lot of bacteria over time. Instead of tossing them in the trash, you should try to be eco-friendlier and sanitise them. The way to do is to wet them and microwave them for a few minutes. This will kill off the accumulated bacteria and return the sponge ready for use again. 
  • House Cleaning TipsRemove limescale from the showerhead with vinegar – accumulate limescale can be very difficult to remove and it will take an enormous amount of scrubbing. Instead, you can try vinegar. Thanks to its acidic properties, vinegar is a top choice. Tie a plastic bag around the showerhead and fill it with vinegar. Let it sit overnight and then wash it. You will find it is super easy to remove. 
  • Unblock the drain – if the drain is giving you trouble, you can quickly unclog it by pouring baking soda and then follow up with some vinegar. The two will react and clean up the clog nicely. Pour some hot water down to flush, and you will have your drain problem gone. 
  • Clean a chopping board with lemon – the chopping board is one item that sees a lot of use. It is also one you have to keep clean and sanitised at all times. This is a task that lemons make easy. Simply slice a lemon in half, add some salt baking soda to it and scour the chopping board. Not only will this sanitise it nicely, but also refresh it. 
  • Washing up liquid for carpet stains – whether you have spilt a glass of wine or something else, you can try cleaning it with washing up liquid. A tablespoon of the solution added to a cup or two of warm water makes a good cure for any stain. 

Implementing all of these tips into your cleaning routine is undoubtedly going to make it more effective. 

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