Take these 7 steps to a fully clean bathroom

When it comes to bathroom cleaning, you are probably not a big fan of spending hours doing it, only to find out the place in a state of mess in a short while. It is true that removing the soapy buildup from the bathtub, shower area and toilet is not easy. Yet, it doesn’t mean you should worry too much about it.

By following this step-by-step cleaning routine, you can deal with the tasks like a pro:

  • Bathroom Cleaning TipsClear the clutter – your bathroom probably does not have as much clutter as the living room for example, but you should still remove as much of the items inside. Instead of picking up things as you go, do this step before you begin work. Clear out the products in the shower area and toss the towels in the washing machine. This will give you the much-needed space to work.
  • Sweep and dust the area – some areas of the bathroom accumulate quite a lot of dust. Get the duster and remove cobwebs in the corners. Inspect the vent, as that is one place of the bathroom you may often forget about and find it full of dust later. Sweep or vacuum the floor once you are done.
  • Spray cleaner on the bathtub/shower area – grab an all-purpose cleaner and spray it on the shower area surfaces. Be careful not to miss any spot on the shower rack and the interior side of the shower door. Allow time to soak.
  • Clean the rest of the room – spray some cleaner on a cleaning item and wipe down the towel racks, baseboards, shelves, blinds, doors and other areas of the bathroom. These get dirty too after all. Work from top to bottom, left to right, to maximise cleaning efficiency.
  • Domestic Cleaning Tips by London CleanersClean the bathtub and shower – the one area of the bathroom that sees the most activity is the shower/bathtub. As such, you will do well to dedicate your attention to it. By now the cleaner you spray previously should have taken effect. Scrub the buildup of soap scum, hard water deposits and grime with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly. Put back the items you removed from the area previously. See if any of them needs more cleaning.
  • Special attention to the showerhead – over time, the showerhead can become clogged from hard water deposits. To deal with it, you can use vinegar. Fill a plastic bag and tie it around the showerhead. Let it stay overnight and rinse after that. It will remove the build up quite nicely.
  • Clean the vanity – another area of the bathroom in need of attention is the vanity. Spray all-purpose cleaner on the countertop, sink and faucets, then wipe with a clean cloth. If there is any build-up on the sink, you can use a scrub sponge to loosen it up.

This concludes the cleaning process for the bathroom. By following it, you will save not just time and effort, but also quite a bit of stress.

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