6 genius cleaning hacks that you will want to use

If you have been busy thinking about how to speed up cleaning chores and become a more effective cleaner, you might have hit a dead end. Finding the right techniques and ways to clean efficiently is not always easy, nor is it readily available to all. However, in here you will find many great tips, arranged especially for you to employ and enjoy.

Take note of them all and improve your cleaning routine by a lot:

  • Cleaning HacksSteam clean your microwave – say goodbye to rubbing and scrubbing the microwave in order to clean the grease and burnt-on food residue inside. It will take quite the effort on your side to deal with that. Instead, you should pour one part water and one part vinegar into a microwave-proof bowl. Put it on high and run it for a few minutes inside the oven. Once it is done, you will find the steam from the liquid has softened the accumulated gunk. Wiping it will be a child’s game then.
  • Clean the oven without chemicals – speaking of oven cleaning, why don’t you try out an eco-friendly approach to cleaning your oven? Mix water and baking soda into a paste-like compound and spread it all over the interior. Let it sit there overnight. It will make the burn-on food residue and grease super easy to wipe with a damp cloth. Add vinegar to stubborn areas. No more breathing in the fumes of oven cleaning solutions of questionable quality. You will find this approach quite effective.
  • Clean window tracks with baking soda and vinegar – over time you will find the window tracks quite grimy. By using some baking soda, white vinegar and a small enough brush (could be a toothbrush) to get in the narrow space there, you can easily get the job done without too much worry.
  • Cleaning ServicesUse a disinfecting wipe and a screwdriver for the toilet – getting to that narrow space at the back of the toilet seat is quite difficult if you don’t know what to use. A screwdriver with a disinfecting wipe wrapped around it is ideal for getting the gunk accumulated there.
  • Tackle dust on the ceiling fan the smart way – if you are fed up with wiping dust on the ceiling fan only to have it fall all over the room, then you need a different strategy. Try an old pillowcase. Slide a blade in and wipe with the inner part pillowcase. The dust will fall inside and spare you further cleaning.
  • Clean the showerhead – the showerhead is one item people often forget to clean. Pour one part white vinegar and one part water in a plastic bag. Tie it around the showerhead and let it sit there overnight. You will find the hard water deposits and soap scum spots gone by the morning.

All of these tips are geared towards helping you out in your cleaning efforts. Employ them and you will find doing chores much easier than before.

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