Few clever strategies to make your cleaning more effective

A lot of people hate cleaning, not because it is too difficult, but because they lack effective systems in place that simplify the process and make it more efficient. Surely, nobody likes to spend their whole weekend scrubbing at home, when they can be doing something else. If you totally agree with this statement, then you will do well to learn the right strategies for cleaning at home.

Doing things in a specific order is always better than randomly addressing chores, so note down these tips:

Few Clever Strategies To Make Your Cleaning More Effective

  • Always tidy up before cleaning – one sure thing that can make cleaning next to impossible is a messy room. Clutter all over the place not only hides what needs cleaning in general but also contributes to more cleaning needs as a whole. Imagine having to navigate with the vacuum cleaner in a room full of toys or clothes all over the place. Before you can effectively vacuum the area, you should do a tidy-up round. Begin from one corner of the room and methodically pick up all of the clutter. Use a big laundry basket to put all of the items in and later figure where everything belongs. You can now do vacuuming, dusting and every other chore in the room with ease.
  • Work one room at a time – one of the best ways to clean around your home is to select a room and clean it A to Z. This is because if you are constantly running from one place to another, you will waste quite a lot of time. Stand at the door of the place and take a few quick notes of what cleaning tasks you need to address. Prepare all of your tools and solutions in a caddy and bring them in the room. Now you are ready to start. It is pretty much irrelevant which room you choose to start with first. Some prefer to get the most difficult areas out of the way first, like the bathroom or kitchen, while others prefer to start off slow, to build momentum. It all depends on what best works for you.
  • Cleaning StrategiesWork from top to bottom – no matter what room and chore you are working on, always remember the cleaner’s golden rule: start from the top and work your way to the bottom. You may be wondering why that is the best cleaning strategy. It is simple really: if you tackle vacuum cleaning first and then get to dust the shelves and higher areas, you will have some amount of dust fall on your just-vacuumed carpets. That is not very effective, is it? Instead, start from the topmost area of the room, so that you can later clean up any debris and dust that falls down.
  • Create a cleaning routine/plan – it is a bad idea to just do cleaning chores at random. Your home is definitely unique and has unique cleaning needs. Think about them and work to create a cleaning plan. On it, you should include recurring chores like vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom cleaning. That way you will always know what you have to clean and thus not forget anything. A weekly plan works best for this purpose. Feel free to adjust it however you wish.

All of these strategies work towards creating a more efficient cleaning routine in your home. You will want to adopt them all so that you can deal with any chore more quickly and effectively. The outcome will be a clean home and less effort invested in hard tasks.

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