6 secrets to successfully clean with your children

When it comes to cleaning, children are usually considered part of the problem, rather than the solution. It is no secret that they create quite a bit of chaos around them and make you go out of your way to clean the home. What if you could harness what seems like an endless energy that children possess and use it to assist your home cleaning efforts? It may sound impossible to you, but it is actually possible to do.

The following tips can help you much in that regard:

  • Cleaning With ChildrenBegin when they are young – one thing you should know about cleaning and children is that you should start them young. Even toddlers love to help with whatever they can, and they feel a great pride of what they accomplish. As you establish certain expectations about cleanliness and order around the house, your little ones will catch on and realise they are an important part of the household. There are a great many tasks that are fitting even for small children. For example, 2-3 year-olds can learn to collect their toys when they are done playing.
  • Set realistic expectations – it is essential to understand that young children lack the coordination, strength and dexterity required to deal with certain tasks, such as making their beds. If you still wish to teach them a thing or two about cleaning, you can first get them to pull the comforter to the top side of the bed and then improve from there on. Regardless of their success, always show pride in their achievements.
  • Be very specific with your instructions – do not overwhelm your children with instructions. Not only will they not understand everything, but may also feel stressed and turn away from cleaning. If you tell them to clean their room, it will sound like an impossible task. Instead, say that you want them to put away the toys and pick up the strewn clothes. They will understand you much better that way.
  • Residential Cleaning TipsPlay roleplaying games – if your children are 5 or older, they probably love roleplaying games. That is why it is a good idea to encourage them to start ‘cleaning games’, in which they run their own company providing cleaning services. Outfit them appropriately with aprons and cleaning gear, as that would spark their motivation even further.
  • Hold a cleaning contest – children can be really competitive. The prospect of receiving a prize is a huge motivator for them. On very busy days, you can task them with a given chore and offer a treat to whoever accomplishes it first and to the best quality.
  • Give them a chore list – as soon as your children can read, you can give them a list of chores to accomplish. Of course, said list must be realistic, with an adequate number of tasks with proper time-frames for your child’s age. If it is too complicated, they will not complete it.

By implementing these tips, you can easily get to clean with your little ones. There is zero doubt that the lessons they learn will be invaluable in the long run.

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