Cleaning mistakes that put your health in danger

If you like the feeling of keeping your home in a clean and fresh state, then you deserve congratulations. That is an excellent way to ensure a healthy environment in the place you spend the most time at, so it is definitely worth every minute.

But it is true that the cleaning process itself can prove to be somewhat dangerous to your health if you are not careful. You may be making some mistakes that are putting you at risk. Learn more about them as we explore the most common ones in this article:

You put too much trust in a feather dusterCleaning Mistakes That Put Your Health In Danger

Feather dusters are pretty, but they are hardly the ideal tool to use for dusting purposes. Yes, that is their intended purpose, but they are a long way from being effective at it. Once you get to dusting with it, you will find it mostly misplaces the dust from one area to another or sends it flying around. Instead, you will get better results with a microfibre cloth, which is not only delicate to the surface you are dusting, but also keeps the particles locked within the fibres.

You clean with the same cloth everywhere

If you are cleaning a germ-laden surface, you need to switch cleaning rags/cloths. Otherwise, you are just spreading the germs from one place to another. That is because bacteria get picked up by the fabric and get transferred to the area you are cleaning next. The solution is simple: you need to use different cloths for cleaning different areas in your home. That way you will not spread germs and bacteria.

You barely clean the chopping board

Giving the chopping board a quick rinse after you are done with it is never enough. Neither is giving it a scrub with the sponge. The board contains small crevices, which are ideal for bacteria and germs. Cross-contamination is a likely scenario if you don’t take extra steps to sanitise your chopping boards. A quick DIY solution of vinegar, lemon and salt can do the trick, so make it a habit to do that every time.

You never clean the dustbin

Whether it is a dustbin, a trash can or something else meant to serve as a way to dispose of your rubbish, it is important to clean it regularly. After all, it comes into contact with a lot of germs and bacteria. You don’t want it becoming the perfect breeding ground for more of those. Besides, if you don’t clean the bin, it will soon enough start to smell very bad.

You never clean your cleaning materialsCleaning Materials

You cannot keep using the same sponge, or cloth or towel and expect it will remain clean. On the contrary, these items get quite messy over time, and they will be doing more harm than good if you keep using them. You can put damp sponges in the microwave for a few minutes, as that will easily sanitise them. As for other cleaning materials, simply replace them regularly, if you want to ensure they pose no health hazard.

You don’t use protective tools

You may think that the cleaning products you use are all safe, but the reality is that there are plenty of ingredients in them that can harm you. Whether it is by coming into direct contact with them through your skin or the vapours they release, you best take some steps to protect yourself. Always wear gloves, some eyewear and a mask.

These mistakes may seem trivial to you, but in reality, they pose a health risk. Stay on top by preventing them.

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